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Bob & Leah Faught - CoFounders

Our Joint Decisions, Inc. NFP is a global, nonprofit corporation that supports all involved in joint pain, surgeries & replacements from a patient’s perspective. Our mission is “patients educating patients” to achieve pain-free mobility for a higher quality of life. Our primary focus is psychological & inspirational motivation through the CORE ROADS TO LIFE. This allows the patient to make the best “Joint Decisions” with their doctor, caregiver, family & friends. With our dynamic group of alliance partners, we educate & motivate the patient and their team by replacing fear with knowledge & demonstrate the immense power of our mind over our body. These principles also provide support for other physical or mental challenge we face in our lives.

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Bob & Leah Faught's Experience

Over the past 30 years, Bob has had 8 knee surgeries, the last two total knee replacements, a total right hip replacement & shoulder surgery. Each time he recovered quickly to pain-free mobility & a higher quality of life. For example, in his knee replacements, the right in 2000 & left in 2003, he returned to work two weeks after both surgeries. On his right hip replacement in 2006, he had surgery on a Friday morning, and was back to work the following Monday afternoon, 1-1/2 days off work.

Leah, with her background in psychology, has seen firsthand what is required to be a strong caregiver through so many of Bob’s surgeries. She also learned how important the role of a caregiver was as a daughter, helping both her parents through their pain before her father passed away at 92 and her mother at 91. These and many other life experiences have given Leah exceptional understanding into the role of caregiver, family & friend.

Motivational Speaking

Our Joint Decisions, Inc. NFP takes a proactive role in providing communication and support. Bob Faught uses his lifelong motivational speaking talent to share their message, passion, and support with groups and cities around the U.S. and the world. Bob and Leah's goal is to establish a National Joint Support Group throughout North America first. This can only be accomplished through Motivational Speaking directly to patients and their teams.

If your group or city is interested in having Bob and Leah share their message of hope and healing through Motivational Speaking, please contact them at info@ourjointdecisons.org.

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