5-Cs for Caregivers


Catalyst - Caregiver causes something important to happen; patient makes best "Joint Decision"

Coach - Teach, supervise, enlighten patient to take ownership for their life & success

Cheerleader - Inspire, encourage & strengthen patient to do their best to achieve pain-free mobility 

Compassion - Human quality of understanding the patient's suffering & wanting to do something about it

Caring - Caregiver must care for themselves to be of greatest value to patient

Patient's Team

A patient's team consists of the following:

  • Patient
  • Caregiver
  • Family
  • Friends

The most important member of this team is the caregiver. Depending on the patient's family structure & friends, the caregiver in most cases is a close family member. Where no family is available, it will be a close friend.

Long-Distance Caregivers

Long-distance caregivers are those that make an impact on the patient from a distance. Even though they may not be able to care for the patient directly, they are a catalyst for the patient to make the best "Joint Decisions."

Bob Faught experienced this with a business friend that he saw at least once a year at a trade show. This gentleman limped badly, and needed a total hip replacement. For four straight years, Bob would try & convince him to get the procedure done so he would have pain-free mobility.

The fifth year, Bob saw a man walking toward him & did not realize it was his friend since he was not limping & looked in great health. He explained to Bob that the pain got so bad he could not take it anymore. He told Bob he wished he would have listened to him & had it taken care of five years earlier. He lost five years of pain-free mobility, but now he had his quality of life back.

Are you a patient that keeps procrastinating about taking care of yourself?


Emotional Strength

There is no formal training for caregivers. There are great books that help caregivers understand the strength & resources necessary. Our Joint Decisions will be adding these books to our Videos/ DVDs / Books Section.

Emotional strength by any caregiver is essential to successfully support the patient. Although the caregiver does not feel the patient's joint pain, they feel the demands placed on them by the patient & family.

The patient needs to take notice of the special care & attention they get from their caregivers. The patient should always thank the caregivers for the important role they play in their recovery to pain-free mobility & a higher quality of life.

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