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Our Joint Decisions welcomes contact from patients, caregivers, family, friends & existing and future Alliance Partners. We also welcome your feedback & insights on how Our Joint Decisions has helped educate & motivate the patient & their team to make the best "Joint Decisions." For those patients already seeing their doctor, did it give you added confidence to ask the right questions & motivate you to move forward? For those patient choosing not to see their doctor due to fear or procrastination, did our web site help you get over that hurdle to finally see your doctor? Again, we always welcome Patient's Stories to review & share on this web site. Below is Our Joint Decisions' contact information.

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Alliance Partnerships

If you and your company are interested in becoming an Alliance Partner/ Licensee of Our Joint Decisions, Inc. NFP, please contact us via e-mail or phone.

Our Joint Decisions knows the value Alliance Partners play in helping educate & motivate patients & their teams. We hope that Our Joint Decisions can bring your company added value in reaching patients & understanding even better the "patient's perspective."

Contact Information


Bob Faught


Patient, Author, Motivator & Social Entrepreneur


Telephone: +1-217-343-1788


Leah Faught


Caregiver, Patient Support & Social Entrepreneur


Telephone: +1-217-343-1788


Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 1226

Effingham, IL 62401 USA


General E-mail Address:

Webmaster's E-mail Address:

Feedback & Advice

As mentioned, Our Joint Decisions welcomes feedback, insights & advice from patients, their teams & current & future Alliance Partners. We want to insure we provide the best education, motivation & support for all those involved in joint pain, surgeries & replacements from a "patient's perspective."

Again, those patients, caregivers, family & friends that would like to share your experiences with joint pain, surgeries & replacements, please e-mail them to Our Joint Decisions at If you feel there are important topics and subjects we should cover, please reply.

Thank you for your participation & support in Our Joint Decisions, Inc. NFP.

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