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Bob Faught is always asked to share his experiences with MIND OVER BODY. In 1996, Bob's wife, Leah, was called by the hospital that her father had 24~48 hours to live. He had gangrene, and the hospital said in all six previous cases, no one survived.

Bob was on a trip, and flew back to the hospital 6 hours ahead of Leah. When he arrived at the hospital, his mother-in-law & sister-in-law were in the waiting room crying. The doctor explained to Bob that the disease was progressing & there was nothing they could do. Bob went into his father-in-law's room amidst the smell of the disease. He went on the other side of the bed, grabbed his father-in-law's hand & sat face-to-face with him.

Bob told his father-in-law that he did not want to die since they had so many things left to do, like fishing, camping, etc. Bob sat there for 4 hours talking with his father-in-law before he had to get Leah at the airport. During that time, nurses came in often to check the progress.

When Bob returned with Leah to the hospital, the doctor pulled Bob into an office. The doctor said he did not know what to say. Ever since Bob sat down on the bed & held his father-in-law's hand & spoke with him, the gangrene appears to have stopped. Bob told the doctor it should have because his father-in-law told God he did not want to die. Everyone in the hospital had already assumed he was going to be dead within 48 hours. He just needed someone to affirm & confirm in his mind that he was not going to die.

Within a week, Leah's father had minor surgery & was back to his normal life. This story shows the immense power one person's mind can have with another, and the power our mind has to tell our body it is not time to die.

Power of Our Mind on Others

When Bob & Leah travel, especially overseas, they go to Sunday services at the local cathedral. While Bob was on a business trip to Istanbul, he went to an old cathedral in the center of town built around 800 AD. The church had wood throughout so dark it almost looked black. The structure was long & narrow, and had a beautiful pulpit about 20' in the air with spiral staircase. It also had a roof overhead to help project your voice in the days before electricity & microphones.

As the people filled the church for the service, Bob's mind focused for almost 5 minutes on what the view must be like in that high pulpit & how you were able to speak to so many. Within five minutes, a lady came over to Bob & asked if he spoke English. When Bob said yes, she said the lector did not make it in & would he do the readings from that very pulpit. Bob got to see exactly what it looked like 1,200 years ago, standing in the 20' high pulpit to see the grandeur & elegance. Bob's mind sent a message that day, and it was heard.

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