Patient's Goal


Achieve pain-free mobility & a higher quality of life.

Patient-Driven for Patient's Success

Our Joint Decisions is a nonprofit corporation founded by an experienced patient & caregiver. Providing education, motivation, tools & resources for the patient & their team to make the best "Joint Decisions" is our primary goal. Our Alliance Partners are essential in providing the latest updates in technologies & processes. This is why we have additional web pages in the Patients, Caregivers & Partners/ Donors sections. We want to help patients & their teams seeking support & convince those procrastinating to make the best "Joint Decisions" for pain-free mobility & a higher quality of life. 

Patient - The End-User

Most of Our Joint Decisions' Alliance Partners have doctors, medical teams & hospitals as their primary customers. We, the patients, are the end-users for these Alliance Partners. It is we, the patients, that keep these companies in business.

Their web sites all confirm they want to provide education & information for patients, with most having sections specifically for patients. They all have fantastic web sites that are invaluable for a patient's education & knowledge. Their focus is more diagnosis & prognosis. Our Joint Decisions is focused on psychological & inspirational motivation.

Our Joint Decisions wants to provide the patient's perspective to our Alliance Partners & have their links available to the patients.

Types of Patients

As patients with joint pain, or needing surgery or replacements, our characteristics vary by age, gender, etc. As patients, our responses can vary as follows:

Respond immediately to joint pain, see doctor

Respond by resting area in pain to see if it improves

Take notice, see how it feels in week or two

Pain continues, finally see doctor for solution

Ignore until pain overrides fear, forced to see doctor

Totally ignore, no intent to see doctor for solution

Patient's Stories

Questions for Patients

Patient's Stories sent to Our Joint Decisions by e-mail provide essential insight and feedback on other patient's experiences with joint pain, surgeries, and replacements. We will have a complete section for those stories we publish in our web site. Please send us your experiences in joint pain, surgeries & replacements. Your stories will provide other patients the courage and strength necessary to make the best "Joint Decisions." Please send us your Patient's Stories to Thank you.

Do you have joint pain, need joint surgery or a total joint replacement?

Are you seeking pain-free mobility & a higher quality of life?

Is fear keeping you from seeking medical support?

Are you confused by the wide range of orthopedic medical solutions?

Is joint pain keeping you from reaching your dreams?

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