Forever Thanks to Our Troops


Our Joint Decisions first wants to give special thanks to our past, present & future troops & military that risk their lives to insure our freedom. History has proven that freedom is not free. The most important investment are the men & women on the front lines of battle defending our country & rights. Words cannot express the deep gratitude we have for our military men & women who protect us everyday throughout the world.

During battles, brave soldiers come home wounded. This can range from imbeded shrapnel to losing limbs. Our Joint Decisions' goal is to provide psychological & emotional support to these wounded warriors by visiting them in their military hospitals. MIND OVER BODY is paramount in overcoming these injuries to achieve pain-free mobility & a higher quality of life. We also want to partner with those exceptional wounded warriors who have demonstrated immense internal strength & overcome unbelievable odds. It shows others how their simple joint pains are very minor compared to what wounded warriors have achieved.

Partners with Our Wounded Warriors

Everyday you hear about the miraculous recovery of a wounded warrior overcoming unbelievable odds to walk again, for example, after having lost both legs. They use their MIND OVER BODY to achieve a higher quality of life that no one thought possible.

Our Joint Decisions is working to partner with these MIND OVER BODY wounded warriors. Their stories of recovery are necessary to show the many other millions in the U.S. & the world what is possible if you have faith & confidence in your MIND OVER BODY. We will be updating this page of our web site with the latest developments.

Supporting Wounded Warriors


Our Joint Decisions wants to use our web site & visits to military hospitals to support those wounded warriors seeking psychological & inspirational motivation to recover to pain-free mobility & a higher quality of life. We want to help add value & complement their recovery support groups.

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