Who Are Medical Equipment Manufacturers?


Medical Equipment Manufacturers are those companies that design, engineer & manufacture orthopedic medical solutions to improve the patient's quality of life. The most prominent of these segments are the companies that design, engineer & manufacture total joint replacements, or prosthesis. Companies that have developed new alternatives to hold off joint replacement, such as joint resurfacing, have become very important in providing less intrusive solutions for pain-free mobility.

As we discussed earlier in this web site, many patients have thought that there was only one manufacturer and one size for a total joint replacement. There are a number of very good joint manufacturers who strive to differentiate their designs, solutions & services from their competition.

Our Joint Decisions feels it is important to provide patients & their support teams with the latest updates on alternative solutions from different manufacturers to relieve their joint pain. This is why we put such importance in partnerships with as many medical equipment manufacturers as possible. This will help provide patients the best education to choose the best option for their improved quality of life.

Partnerships with Manufacturers

Our Joint Decisions goal is to partner with as many Medical Equipment Manufacturers as possible. We will highlight their latest products on our web site, identifying their features, functions & benefits to the patient. Links to their web sites will provide patients easy access to each company's information, products, services & benefits. We will update our web site with these partners.

Value To Medical Equipment Manufacturers?

The value to Medical Equipment Manufacturers of establishing a partnership with Our Joint Decisions are the following:

  • Communicate directly with patient, the end-user
  • Influence with patient's team (caregivers, family & friends)
  • Hot link to their web site from Our Joint Decisions
  • Feature new designs & solutions directly to patient
  • Confirm support for Our Joint Decisions
  • Featured on Our Joint Decisions' web site
  • Exposure to doctors, medical teams, hospitals & all others who visit Our Joint Decisions
  • Use Our Joint Decisions' logo & information on web site, marketing materials, etc.

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