Educating & motivating patients & their teams requires a wide variety of mediums. We have publlished a new book on joint pain, surgery & replacement support from the patient's perspective. Our new book, "Our Joint Decisions; a Patient's Perspective to Successfully Manage Joint Pain, Surgeries & Replacements" is available from the website page under "Ordering Books" under the "Home Page."

Our Joint Decisions has put together an introduction video/DVD of our nonprofit corporation. We have placed two short versions from this video/DVD on our "Home Page." One video is our menu page with our corporation's theme song, Together We Can; the other is a presentation on the CORE ROADS TO LIFE. The other versions are too long for a download on YouTube, so we are offering to ship the entire DVD within the U.S. for a donation of $25.00, and $50.00 outside the U.S.

Our Joint Decisions is developing educational & motivational DVDs for doctors, medical teams, hospitals, patients & their teams as described previously in more detail.


Our Joint Decisions invites suggestions on any other videos, DVDs, or books that you have found to be educational & motivational concerning joint pain, surgeries & replacements. Please send your suggestions to the following e-mail address:

Educational & Motivational DVDs


Due to the number of patients today, doctors & their staffs do not have the time & attention to educate every patient to the level they desire. Some medical offices & hospitals hold a monthly class for those patients going through total joint replacement.

Our Joint Decisions will be providing educational & motivational DVDs for doctors, medical teams, hospitals, patients & their teams. They will include standard surgeries, such as arthroscopy, to total knee & hip replacements.

These educational & motivational DVDs are from an experienced patient to other patients. This web site will update available DVDs.

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