Preventive Education


The extensive health care debate since 2009 has rejuvenated many, especially those over 50, to take their health & wellness far more seriously. Preventive medicine is one way to reduce health care costs by listening to the needs of our body.

Many times, we ignore the warning signals, especially with our joints, & what started out as minor pain develops into major surgery. This is where proactive education & motivation can insure early response to avoid further damage.

Doctors, hospitals & health insurance companies have been promoting these solutions for years. Now they have an ally in Our Joint Decisions.

Caregiver Education

The Caregiver Section will cover extensive support for the caregiver, family & friends. To be an effective caregiver, as we have found, you need to take time away from the patient for yourself. This will insure that you maintain your strength & stability for both yourself and the patient.

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