Creating Success


Mental Motivation & Personal Strength are the key drivers to create success. We need mental motivation to ignite the personal strength necessary to create success. Ironically, we need personal strength to drive mental motivation. Both qualities are necessary to create success.

With our body, we may think that personal strength is more important. In time, we find we must have the mental motivation.

In surgery, doctors control the change our body needs through repair or replacements. After surgery, fulfilling the successful surgery is completely in our control through mental motivation & personal strength. The Patient's Success is the Patient's Responsibility!

Success Requires Teamwork

The patient must have dedicated support and involvement from all memebers of their team to achieve success. This includes their doctors, nurses, hospital staff, caregiver, family, and friends. After the patient gets their diagnosis from their doctor, they must actively involve their caregiver, family, and friends in making the best "Joint Decisions" with their team.

Once a decision is made, the patient needs to map out a strategy and plan for implementing their decisions. This includes dedicating the time necessary for scheduled rehabiliation and extended rehab by the patient on their own. As we always state, Patient's Success is Patient's Responsiblity! The patient is responsible for their body and life, and need a team for support.

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