Medical Teams Front Line to Patients "Joint Decisions"


Doctors & their teams are the front line to patient's making the best "Joint Decisions." Doctors may be the major customer to most other Alliance Partners, but they are the direct contact with the patient & their team.

Our Joint Decisions strongly states that one of the patient's most important goals is to make the best "Joint Decisions" with their doctor. The doctor/ patient relationship is extremely important. The patient must feel comfortable with their doctor, respect & trust them & literally be willing to put their lives in their hands. This partnership is the foundation for the patient's success. The stronger this relationship, the patient's success in getting the correct diagnosis improve greatly.


Improving Doctor-Patient Communications

The most frustrated member of the patient's team is always the caregiver. When you have a stubborn patient who won't even address their extensive joint pain, no matter how much pain they are in, it can be frustrating. This is why Our Joint Decisions has placed such emphasis on support for all caregivers.

The feedback we have received for this support has been overwhelming. Many related they would do anything to help their loved one come to their senses, but they do not have the knowledge or resources necessary to address the issue. This is why Our Joint Decisions places so much emphasis on caregivers & the important role they play.

In sheer numbers, there are far more caregivers than patients. We hear how caregivers feel that no one addresses their dilemmas & little focus & support is given to them.

Doctors & their medical teams know how important the caregivers are to the patient's success. Our Joint Decisions makes every effort to provide this necessary support.

As stated earlier, doctors & patients agree that when they communicate well healing goes better. National surveys show that this effective communication needs great improvement. As a Patient Advocate, Our Joint Decisions has made it a mandate to help improve this relationship. Effective communications is a two way street. A doctor's "bedside" manner must be open & informative. The patient must feel confident & comfortable in asking the right questions.

Our Joint Decisions' Role with Medical Centers

Medical Centers constantly strive to provide the best service and support to all their patients. Their key goal is never to lose a patient to issues that they have full control over.

As a Patient Advocate, Our Joint Decisions provides a unique, dynamic, and detailed "patient flow" that provides the latest in technology, service, and direct contact with the patient. We provide the patient's perspective in the medical clinic's strategic planninig sessions.

We hear from patients that we have worked with that they are not going to their local doctors due to feedback from other patients. Medical clinics need to invest in a positive "patient flow" that keeps the patients happy.

Patient Resources for Doctors & Medical Teams

Our Joint Decisions' videos, DVDs & books are resources for educating & motivating those patients who do see their doctor & medical team. These resources are meant for family doctors to orthopedic surgeons. Since most people are visually oriented, our educational & motivation videos & DVDs from standard joint pain to joint replacement provide unique insight from one patient to another. Their focus is mentally & emotionally educating the patient to replace fear with knowledge, hope & healing. There is a review of diagnosis & prognosis, but we also add the psychological & inspirational motivation of MIND OVER BODY; & our core principles of success, the CORE ROADS TO LIFE.

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