The power of our mind over our body is simply amazing. The goal is to understand & harness this power so we can improve every part of our lives. Concerning pain in our body, especially our joints, pain can overpower our attempts to control this through our mind. Our Joint Decisions' premise is you can achieve higher quality of life through your mind over your body. You must believe & implement for this to become reality. The CORE ROADS TO LIFE are the principles that allow your mind to take control. We will provide examples in the web page of real-life examples.

Positive Attitude

Positive Attitude is the one of the most important principles for Mind Over Body. It is the fuel that keeps our mind moving forward with optimism, hope & creativity.

Is the glass half full or half empty in your life? Your mind can control you inner self to see things with a positive attitude.

Ask yourself this: When I think & feel I can accomplish a task, what is my success rate? When I think & feel I cannot accomplish a task, am I ever successful?

Having a positive attitude in life can be the difference in far improving your success rate for what you want to achieve.

Power of Your Mind

Have you ever experienced the power of your mind? We all have experienced it. Do we really understand what is taking place? Harnessing this power of our mind, especially over our body, can be the difference in pain & joy. See how much power your mind really has!

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