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Our Joint Decisions, Inc. NFP is a patient advocate nonprofit corporation dedicated to educating and motivating patients and their teams to make the best "Joint Decisions" concerning joint pain, surgeries, and replacements from a patient's perspective. We especially want to help those patients suffering joint pain who have seen their doctor and fear causes them to procrastinate; and those patients whose fear keeps them from seeing a doctor to achieve pain-free mobility and a higher quality of life.

Licensing Our Joint Decisions, Inc. NFP benefits your company in many ways, all focused on increased sales for your products or services:

  • As a licensee, you differentiate your products or services from similar products and services
  • Your company is seen as a partner supporting Our Joint Decisions, Inc. NFP's mission
  • Your products are uniquely identified with Our Joint Decisions and Our Joint Decisions' logos
  • Your company's logo is displayed on Our Joint Decision's web site, including hot links to your website
  • Included in listing of Our Joint Decisions' Alliance Partners on our web site
  • Access to all Our Joint Decisions' DVDs, videos, tools & resources
  • Use Our Joint Decisions' logo & information on your web site, marketing materials, etc.

For more information on how to become a licensee of Our Joint Decisions, Inc. NFP, please contact Bob Faught, Co-founder,

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