Goals of Our Joint Decisions

Why Our Joint Decisions Created

Improve physical, mental & spiritual quality of life

Eliminate patient's fear so they seek medical help

Help patient & team make best "Joint Decisions"

Provide psychological & inspirational motivation through the CORE ROADS TO LIFE

Tools for medical teams to educate & motivate patients

Represent patient's needs to professional health care organizations & other patners

Create National Joint Support Group through motivational speaking, books, DVDs

Emphasize power of mind, heart & soul over our body

Reduce health care costs through preventive education

Extend principles of Our Joint Decisions to our entire life

Help individuals find a Higher Quality of Life

Our Joint Decisions was created to provide the education, motivation & support for all involved in joint pain, surgeries & replacements. Bob Faught, Co-founder, is an experienced patient with eight knee surgeries, the last two total knee replacements, a total right hip replacement, and shoulder surgery. Each time, Bob recovered quickly to pain-free mobility & a higher quality of life. He achieved this through his own principles of success called the "CORE ROADS TO LIFE," based on psychological & inspirational motivation through MIND OVER BODY. For example, Bob had his right hip replaced on a Friday morning in 2006, and went back to work without pain or discomfort the following Monday afternoon, 1-1/2 days off work!

With Bob's wife, Leah, his lifelong caregiver, they have established an invaluable nonprofit site of support, education & motivation. One of the secrets for the patient is replacing fear with knowledge & hope. This is why the "patient's perspective" is so important. We also help clarify the differences & inconsistencies in orthopedic processes & procedures that have confused patients & their teams.

Our Joint Decisions provides education & motivation so the patient can make the best "Joint Decision" with their doctor, and insure the patient, caregiver, family & friends maintain a positive attitude toward quick recovery & a higher quality of life.

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