Why a Nonprofit Corporation?


Our Joint Decisions, Inc. NFP was created as a nonprofit corporation to provide education, motivation & support to all patients & their teams.

When we state all patients, we mean everyone from young children to those over 100 years old. Whether it be an accident or maturing, everyone has their one body in life that has, does, or will experience pain and discomfort. How quickly we respond and follow-through is the key to our success for pain-free mobility.

Our main goal is to insure those suffering from joint pain make the best “Joint Decisions” by replacing fear with knowledge. For those needing joint surgery or replacement, we want to provide the education, motivation & support to achieve pain-free mobility & a higher quality of life in the shortest time through a positive attitude and MIND OVER BODY.

The real question today is how many people suffer daily because they do not take responsibility & ownership for their own lives? How many caregivers, family & friends are seeking help with their patient?

Many people have worked their entire lives to achieve their dreams, only to have them lost through joint pain and lack of mobility. Our Joint Decisions wants to give hope & healing to everyone that needs our support. Funding for Our Joint Decisions comes from our Alliance Partners and everyone who feels that this organization makes a difference in their lives.

Patient's Passion

Many people ask how a patient-driven nonprofit corporation was created when most patients want to simply get it over with & forget about it.

The secret is Bob's passion as a patient. He has spent almost 30 years experiencing and resolving extensive joint pain. Instead of healing & moving on, Bob chose to work with Leah to take this mission to a much higher level.

The fist glimmer of founding Our Joint Decisions came 10 years ago during Bob's first total knee replacement. From this came the principles behind the patient's success, the CORE ROADS TO LIFE. They want to insure other patients & their teams have the education & motivation to make the best "Joint Decisions."

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