Joint Surgery

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Joint Surgery is the next alternative when surgical repair is required. Many surgical alternatives exist with the continued technological improvements in orthopedic procedures.

Arthroscopy is a common surgery that allows the doctor to view the joint and diagnose the best solution and repair. They can repair torn cartilage, clean the joint, or debridement, and bring you back to full mobility with the minimum surgery.

Partial joint resurfacing is a procedure designed to provide quicker recovery and improved surgical outcome from patients with osteoarthritis in only one part of the joint, such as the knee. Surgeons can isolate and resurface only the arthritic portion of the knee without compromising the healthy bone and tissue surrounding it.

Arthroscopy Surgery

Arthroscopy Surgery in most cases today is an outpatient surgery with no hospital stay required. Bob Faught has experienced a total of six arthroscopy surgeries on his knees prior to his total knee replacements. The medical advances with arthroscopy have improved greatly, allowing the patient to achieve pain-free mobility in much shorter time.

Rehabiliation is the key to success, giving the same dedication that you would if you had a total joint replaced.

From a patient's perspective, Bob has seen arthroscopy surgery patients require more time to gain pain-free mobility than those who experienced total joint replacement. This is where psychological & inspirational motivation coupled with MIND OVER BODY become essential for the patient's quick recovery & success.

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