In October 2010, Bob's 86 year old mother had a total right knee replacement. Bob & Leah were able to see first-hand again the power & impact the CORE ROADS TO LIFE had in her recovering quickly to pain-free mobility & a higher quality of life. Returning home 4 days after surgery, she was walking without any support by the sixth day after surgery. With a positive attitude and commitment for success, she made sure she went through two rehabilitation exercise programs per day. People everywhere were complimenting her on how great she was doing in such a short time. After three weeks, you couldn't tell she had just been through total knee replacement.

When Bob had his first knee replacement at 51 years old, some mentioned that he healed quickly because of his age. With improved technologies, processes & procedures, coupled with a great attitude and the right principles, you can heal just as quickly today at 86.


Rehabilitation is one of the most important principles for a patient's long-term success in any joint surgery. The minimum Rehabilitation of outpatient visits are used to train patients on the exercise regimen they need to do everyday. A lack of commitment to Rehabilitation usually results in a patient incurring long-term pain well after surgery. Dedication to Rehabilitation is essential.

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