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Bob describes his knee arthroscopy surgeries like watching the Discovery Channel. Since he has been wide awake, the doctors have shared the live monitor, explaining every move they are making to Bob in real time. Bob states that it has been most educational, seeing the doctor repair meniscus, clean out the knee joint & get a close-up look at the bones in the joint. He was able to see with each surgery the continued degeneration of meniscus, finally resulting in bone on bone.

Bob has also remained wide awake throughout all of his joint replacement surgeries, allowing him to gian far greater inisght into the entire process.

Almost 99% of all patients Bob has met with confirmed that they would never stay wide awake during the surgery, especially the total joint replacements.

Bob has used this discovery during surgeries to better understand the entire procedure. Bob has gained a deep respect for the time it takes the nurses to prepare the patient for the surgery. Also, you can tell the personality of the doctor by the music he plays during surgery & the interesting things the medical teams discusses.

Best Surgery Season

The best time for any joint surgery, if your schedule & joint can wait, is late fall & winter. This time is best because of colder weather, less sunlight & time to rehabilitate before spring & summer.

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