Investing in Hope & Healing


Below is a poem Bob Faught, Our Joint Decisions' Co-founder, written to illustrate the investment in hope & healing:

Giving to others begins in the heart,

Our soul and ambition ignite the flame to start.

Spirit and vision will help light the way,

  We must give to the world, our best everyday.


Helping those in need takes special passion;

  Commitment, conviction and endless compassion.

Hope and healing is our drive for reason,

  For the gift of giving has no season.


Providing support, many ways you can envision,

  Donating, giving time, to founding Our Joint Decisions.

The reasons are many, an unbelievable feeling

  When we contribute directly to hope & healing.

Our Joint Decisions strives to improve everyone's quality of life, especially patients with joint pain or facing joint surgeries or replacements. Caregivers, family & friends are vital team members to insure a patient's short & long-term success. Being patient-driven, we have great compassion & empathy for the courage & strength it takes to make the best "Joint Decisions."

Our Joint Decisions feels this web site, our videos, DVDs, books & interactive support & communications with the patient & their team are necessary elements to improve education & provide motivation.

We invest in helping mentally prepare the patient & their team for the myriad of challenges they will be facing. Our psychological & inspirational motivation, through our principles of success called the CORE ROADS TO LIFE, provide the foundation for hope & healing.

Yes, we created a nonprofit organization to provide this high level of support & comfort for all patients & their teams throughout the world. For us to continue to expand our programs & services, we need the support of everyone that feels Our Joint Decisions made an impact & difference in their life. We welcome the support from the Contributors, patients & their teams. In return, we provide our red gel wristband to validate our thanks.

For Our Joint Decisions, we share the same feeling of every patient: the challenges are great, commitment to success mandatory & the rewards priceless.

Impact on Patients

Investing in Hope & Healing


Our Joint Decisions provides hope & healing to patients with joint pain or needing joint surgery or replacement. Our goal is for patients to achieve pain-free mobility & a higher quality of life through our CORE ROADS TO LIFE & psychological & inspirational motivation, or MIND OVER BODY. To support these endeavors, Our Joint Decisions defines those that donate & support our efforts into three categories:

  • Contributors (patients & their support teams)
  • Donors (health professionals, such as doctors,hospitals & other health organizations
  • Partners (licensees that commit their support to Our Joint Decisions as active partner)

Everyday we see people limping with a lower quality of life due to joint pain because they have not seen their doctor. Fear, procrastination, "it will get better" & other reasons exist. Frustrated caregivers are many, looking for solutions to motivate the patient to take ownership of their life.

How many patients would be celebrating a higher quality of life if they had access to the tools, resources & partners of Our Joint Decisions? Do they really understand the need for a positive attitude, using the CORE ROADS TO LIFE & using the power of their MIND OVER BODY?

We have seen the power & impact that the principles of Our Joint Decisions have had on patients & their teams. How do we insure this patient-perspective message is delivered to as many patients as possible?

It begins with the education, motivation, spirit & passion that Our Joint Decisions provides. It lives through the Contributions of Contributors, Donors, Partners & everyone we touch. The results are patients who use the CORE ROADS TO LIFE & MIND OVER BODY in achieving pain-free mobility & a higher quality of life. Contributions are a unique investment in hope & healing that invigorates those who give & those who receive.

Donors are the health professionals that are on the front line with the patients & their teams everyday. From doctors, nurses, hospitals & their staffs, to professional health organizations, their goal is to continually improve the processes & procedures of hope & healing.

Our Joint Decisions knows that patient's success is largely based on the right attitude & motivation. Yes, knowledge is power, & it enables patients to achieve pain-free mobility & a higher quality of life.

Our Joint Decisions is an organization founded as a Patient Advocate to complement the extensive effort put forth by these health professionals. Our tools, resources & support are focused to provide them with added education & motivation for the patient & their team.

Patients & their teams that make a commitment & take ownership with the right attitude & principles will always have a much healthier patient in far shorter time. It simply requires getting this education & motivation into their hands.

That is why both the financial & partner support from these Donors is so important to the success of not just Our Joint Decisions & the health professionals, but every future patient.


Orthopedic technology continues to improve. Medical Equipment Manufacturers strive to provide the best solutions for patients from resurfacing to total joint replacements. Health Insurance Companies drive home their goal for preventive medicine, insuring patients do not procrastinate on getting medical support. Preventive medicine also helps drive down health care costs. Foundations & Corporations are always seeking alternatives to improve the wellness & productivity of all.

These are the Partners that Our Joint Decisions works with to stay informed on the latest technologies, heath care tips & reinforce our role as a Patient Advocate. Their financial support & partnership with Our Joint Decisions provides the long-term foundation for supporting patients with joint pain, surgeries & replacements.

Patients who achieve pain-free mobility & a higher quality of life, always say one thing: "I wish I would have done this sooner!" Seeing the immense impact that MIND OVER BODY has on patients, Our Joint Decisions wished "we could have founded & implement this nonprofit corporation much sooner!"

Principles for Life

Many have related how the principles of Our Joint Decisions' CORE ROADS TO LIFE have helped them successfully cope with other major challenges in their lives. From cancer, work, finances, to any challenge we may face, the CORE ROADS TO LIFE provide the principles of mental motivation & personal strength. Living life with a positive attitude in the face of any adversity is the catalyst for hope & healing.

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