Commitment - Patient must be committed to improving his/her own life

Ownership - Patient must take accountability for his/her own success

Research - Patient's team dedicated to finding best doctor, options & solutions

Expectations - Eliminate fear by understanding all the procedures


Rehabilitation - Patient diligent in short and long-term follow-through

Obstacles - Need to understand obstacles; biggest one is usually ourselves

Attitude - Positive Attitude is the cornerstone to success

Decisions - Patient & Team make the best "Joint Decisions" with his/her doctor

Support - Caregiver, family & friends united in patient's support


Teamwork - Teamwork required by all for success

Opportunities - Success brings unlimited opportunities


Liberating - Patient's success is liberating for all

Inspirational - Inspires everyone to be his/her best

Fulfillment - Patient & support team find fulfillment in their achievements

Exhilarating - Pain-free mobility creates a higher quality of life; it's an exhilarating feeling



When others saw the success and quick recovery Bob Faught experienced with each of his joint surgeries, especially his first joint replacements, they asked him to share the secrets for his success.

On a flight from Chicago to New Dehli, India, Bob decided to define these succcessful principles during his 15 hour flight. Suddenly, the phrase "CORE ROADS TO LIFE" came to his mind. When he used these letters for each principle, they flowed endlessly to accurately describe those specific prinicples in life that kept Bob so positive to overcome any challenge, especially those major joint replacement surgeries.

In Bob's following total hip replacement, he validated that these were the exact principles he had used for any challenge in his life.

Bob has shared these with thousands of patients and others. Medical doctors, psychologists, teachers, rehabilitation teams, and many others have integrated these principles into their practices and lives to overcome any challenge in life.

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