Value of Alliance Partnres


Alliance Partners are essential for Our Joint Decisions to successfully educate & motivate patients & their teams. From Professional Health Organizations, Medical Equipment Manufacturers, Health Insurance Companies, hospitals, doctors & their staffs, everyone provides valuable insight & knowledge.

Alliance Partners provide Our Joint Decisions with the latest technologies, procedures & processes that are continually improving in the medical community. This is why we provide links to their web sites. You can't duplicate the many great web sites they provide focus on helping patients and their teams make the best "Joint Decisions." We thank them deeply for their valuable contributions.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors covers a broad spectrum of professional insight, targeted directly at our company's core values. We have an orthopedic surgeon, a sports psychologist who is also a clinical psychologist, a high school athletic coach who is also Principal of his school, and the two founders, Bob & Leah Faught.

The diversity of this team gives Our Joint Decisions the leadership & management to fulfill & exceed the company's goals & expectations.

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