Options in Joint Replacement

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Most patients think that once you've been diagnosed needing total joint replacement, there are no options available. Ironically, this is when the myriad of options become available to the patient. Here are just a few of the options that will face you:

  • Have you done your necessary research?
  • Which prosthesis would be best for you?
  • Which manufacturer would be best?
  • What time of year is best for the surgery?
  • Which anesthesis do you prefer, and is best?
  • Which orthopedic surgeon fits your needs?
  • Do you have honest and reliable feedback from other patients?
  • What rehabilitation clinic will you be using?
  • Do you have your support team established?
  • Do you have a strong team of caregivers?
  • Is your living environment modified to fit your comfort after your return from the hospital?
  • Have you talked with other previous patient to get their feedback on expectations
  • Have you made a commitment for success?
  • Have you taken ownership for your only body?
  • Do you understand MIND OVER BODY?
  • Do you have a postive attitude going forward?
  • Do you have a goal how quick you can return to work and/or your normal activities?
  • Do you feel you have made the best "Joint Decisions" with your doctor and support team?

Service Key to Joint Manufacturer Used by Doctors

You may do extensive research to find the best joint & manufacturer, only to find that doctors in your area do not use them. A doctor's training & experience with a joint manufacturer can play a role. As Bob Faught discussed above, many times the joint manufacturers' representative is in the operating room to give the doctor the exact prosthesis needed.

Therefore, the quality of service a manufacturer provides is vital to the doctor in consistently using the same company. If a doctor who does extensive joint replacements goes to an area where the service is limited, the manufacturer will provide the necessary support as needed. Again, these are small things that are quite important for a patient to understand in making the best "Joint Decisions."

Titanium? Ceramic?

You may be interested to know what type of material the doctor will be placing in your body for your new joint. For knees, most of the joints are titanium, with plastic used as your new cartilage. For hips, there is also an option of ceramic on titanium. Based on the joint that you have selected, make sure you know what options exist & which works best to make your final decision.

Shrinking Scars

After joint replacement surgery, patients see the large scar & wonder how they can shrink it down through the healing process after the staples are taken out. The secret is to apply liquid Vitamin E on the scar every day. This will reduce, or shrink the scar down to a thin line when healing is completed.

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