Role of Health Insurance Companies


Health Insurance Companies' major role is to provide patients insurance against any medical issue. They also provide wellness programs to improve quality of life & promote preventive medicine to reduce health care costs.

Preventive medicine is a key area that Our Joint Decisions promotes, seeking to motivate patients to see their doctors at the first sign of joint pain. This proactive approach insures the least amount of damage to the joint & body. Procrastination, fear, or any other reason for a patient not seeing their doctor will only cause added damage. What may have been cured by rehabilitation exercises may result in major surgery. Patients who avoid their body's initial signals for help endure added pain and far greater costs to resolve.

Overall health care costs could be reduced by patients simply taking care of their body's needs when they arise.

Value to Partnership

The value of Health Insurance Companies establishing a partnership with Our Joint Decisions are the following:

  • Communicate directly with patient, the end-user
  • Influence with patient's team (caregivers, family & friends)
  • Hot link to their web site from Our Joint Decisions
  • Feature new programs & services
  • Confirm support for Our Joint Decisions
  • Featured on Our Joint Decisions' web site
  • Exposure to doctors, medical teams, hospitals & all
  • others who visit Our Joint Decisions
  • Use Our Joint Decisions' logo & information on website, marketing materials, etc.

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