Fear vs. Pain


Fear is the key factor that forces patients to avoid seeing their doctors when the body experiences pain. It also drives patients who have seen their doctors, received a diagnosis, to avoid following through to eliminate the pain and discomfort.

Pain is the one factor that drives patients to overcome Fear. Due to the delay in time from the pain's first warning to our body, the damage is most likely grown in severity. Now, the options are now usually arthroscopic surgery or total joint replacement.

Why did we allow Fear to cause further damage to our only body? Why didn't we make a Commitment to take Ownership of our body and find out the solution much sooner?

Procrastination feeds Fear. Severe Pain eventually overcomes Procrastination, and forces us to take action. We should never allow Fear to dictate our decisions in life, especially about the well being or our own body.

Pain In Rehabilitation

Stopping Rehabilitation because of pain in our muscles is one of the biggest issues for prolonged pain following joint surgery or replacement. For example, in a total knee replacement, the muscles around our knee have tightned up, and will not allow us to go to full extension. With a new joint, our body is now capable, but the muscles behind the knee are like rubber bands with their own memory. We need to work through this pain by stretching the muscles to adapt to our new knee. Many patients will take this Pain as a sign to stop. Once we have worked through the pain of stretching these muscles, we will achieve full extension of our leg and achieve far more flexibility and range of motion. Don't let Pain cause you to prolong your pain and recovery.

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