Allilance Partners


Our Joint Decisions' key Alliance Partners are the following:

  • Doctors & Medical Teams
  • Hospitals
  • Senior Centers
  • Professional Health Organizations
  • Medical Equipment Manufacturers
  • Health Insurance Companies
  • Foundations
  • Corporations

Our Joint Decisions' goal is to work closely with our Alliance Partners/ Licensees since they represent the core service groups for patients that experience joint pain, surgeries & replacements.

For Doctors & Medical Teams, Hospitals & Senior Centers we are providing a listing on our web site of all partners/ licensees that are affiliated with Our Joint Decisions. Patients will then know those Alliance Partners that feel the patient's perspective, education & motivation are important to supporting their patients.

For Professional Health Organizations, we will be listing those groups that specifically support the orthopedic community & provide the links to their web sites that provide valuable information & knowledge.

For Medical Equipment Manufacturers & Health Insurance Companies, we will be highlighting different Alliance Partners/ Licensees monthly. This will allow patients & their teams to see the latest technologies, patient services & impact these companies have on the patient & their "Joint Decisions."

We will also be highlighting those Foundations & Corporations that feel strongly in Our Joint Decisions' mission to provide education & motivation directly to the patients & their support teams.

All Alliance Partners/ Licensees will have their logos on Our Joint Decisions' web site with hot links to their web sites. We want to insure every patient & their team have the latest information for the best education & motivation to make the best "Joint Decision" for pain-free mobility & a higher quality life.

With their financial & intelligence support, all Alliance Partners will have complete access to all Our Joint Decisions' tools, resources, videos, DVDs & books.

Other Donors

Other donors to Our Joint Decisions' efforts to educate & motivate patients to the best "Joint Decisions" are the patients & support teams. To get more information on why patients, their support team & Alliance Partners/ Licencees should support Our Joint Decisions, click on the "Contributions" button under "Donations" on any web page. Our Joint Decisions wants to thank all those who feel our deep concern & care for patients' quality of life is worth their investment.


Please share your feedback on Our Joint Decisions' Partners/ Donors after you have had time to review. Please e-mail to the following:

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