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Hospitals are Centers for Human Healing, especially when our bodies require major surgery or repair. Based on our joints, this could range from outpatient surgery for arthroscopy, to an extended stay for total joint replacement. Hospitals have experienced professionals in all areas to diagnose, treat & heal the human body.

Many patients never see the extensive staff necessary to provide this human healing. As medical technologies improve daily, these professionals need to stay on top of the latest procedures & techniques.

Hospitals are the doctor's work space where they utilize their skills to find the best solution for any problem the human body may experience. Doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists, rehabilitation & all other staff give their highest quality work to each & every patient.

The medical team's greatest challenge is not the procedures they perform. It is the mental attitude & personal strength of their patients. If a patient has a negative attitude that their surgery will not be successful, the doctor & medical team still provide the best surgery & support possible. The patient's attitude determines the level of success, no matter how great the doctor, their staff & the hospital. The Patient's Success is the Patient's Responsibility!

Our Joint Decisions' Role with Hospitals

Success in most things, especially joint surgery or replacement, is 80% mental & 20% physical. Our Joint Decisions' role in hospital partnerships is to complement their existing education programs with psychological & inspirational motivation, or MIND OVER BODY. Integrating the CORE ROADS TO LIFE, Mental Motivation & Personal Strength will provide the added hope & healing for a patient's successful recovery to pain-free mobility & a higher quality of life.

Also, Our Joint Decisions will be working closely with all hospitals as we set up a National Joint Support Group. Hospital's partnership with Our Joint Decisions is a win-win for both the hospital & patients through the addition of mental motivation & personal strength to achieve the highest levels of hope & healing.

Also, hospitals that partner with Our Joint Decisions are authorized to integrate our logo & information on their web site, marketing materials, etc.

Hospital's Patient Education Programs

Bad Communications

Hospitals have found that patient education is essential to improved patient success, especially in joint surgeries & replacements. Many hospitals have initiated monthly classes for total joint replacement patients. Their goal is to educate the patient on what processes & procedures will take place, safety programs for their homes after surgery & explain the rehabilitation program. Our Joint Decisions have found these programs of explaining diagnosis, prognosis & the basic steps that will take place help give the patient the knowledge they need to replace fear.

Some hospitals have even established Joint Centers, a specific floor for total joint replacement patients only. Bob Faught's mother recovered in a hospital in Kansas that had this exact feature, along with the mandatory class one month prior to surgery. After surgery, the Joint Center delivered dinner the first night and breakfast the next morning to their room. After that, if they wanted to eat, they needed to walk to the special eating area. They also provided an inclusive binder at the class that helped give the patient added insight for confidence in their procedure.

Patients & their teams sometimes have a negative outlook on their doctor & hospital due to Bad Communications from other patient's. How many times have we heard a patient explain why their joint replacement is still in pain years after surgery. In most cases, the patient had a poor attitude when they had their surgery, did not follow-through on their rehabilitation & now look to their doctor & the hospital as the problem. This is the Bad Communications that new patients need to avoid. Patients need to take ownership & responsibility for their own life to achieve pain-free mobility & a higher quality of life.

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