Recovering Quickly in Real Life


Bob Faught was able to return back to work two weeks after both total knee replacement surgeries. He used mental motivation & personal strength to dictate his own recovery.

Most people find his hip replacement surgery in 2006 the most fascinating. Before the surgery, Bob could barely walk & had excruciating pain. When he left his office the day before surgery, he said he should be back in one week. He saw that everyone thought he was crazy to think he would be back to work in such short time.

Bob had surgery on a Friday morning. Sunday, he was walking without any physical support. He was released from the hospital on Monday at noon & returned back to work at 2:00 PM that afternoon with full mobility & no pain. Bob took 1-1/2 days off work for a total right hip replacement. His positive attitude, coupled with his mental motivation & personal strength, dictated that he would achieve pain-free mobility & a higher quality of life in a very short time. Yes, Bob was told it would take about 6 weeks, but his mind guided his body through a quick recovery.

Recovering Quickly

Doctors always give the patient a range of time for recovery from joint surgery or replacement. Many patients use these times for their recovery timeline.

Yes, recovery times vary with each patient. Using our mental motivation & personal strength, we can usually improve the recovery time. Our minds can accelerate any recovery process through a positive attitude & following through diligently with our short & long-term rehabilitation.

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