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Our Joint Decisions includes web site links on our web site from the following:

  • Alliance Partner's websites
  • Orthopedic web sites with diagnosis & prognosis education & insights
  • Any other web sites that add value to educating & motivating patients & their teams

Focus on Education & Motivation


Our Joint Decisions' focus is to educate & motivate patients to make the best "Joint Decisions." There are few organizations that focus on psychological & inspirational motivation for the patient & their team. Most orthopedic-based web sites center around diagnosis & prognosis, updating the latest improvements in technology & procedures. They also educate the patient on what to expect during their specific surgery or replacement. These outlets for education are vitally important for every patient.

Our Joint Decisions, as a Patient Advocate, feel that mental preparation & positive attitude account for 70%~80% in the patient's success to quickly achieve pain-free mobility & a higher quality of life.

Yes, Our Joint Decisions does address the diagnosis & prognosis segments. But, with all the great orthopedic web sites that exist for educating patients, we feel there is no need to duplicate them.

The orthopedic technologies & procedures continue to improve. Our Joint Decisions places our focus on the MIND OVER BODY segment.

Our Joint Decisions would like patients, their teams & any others to send us listings of other web sites that you feel were helpful. Those sites that gave education, inspiration & understanding. Please send web site suggestions to the following:


Our Joint Decisions would like to thank you, in advance, for your contributions.


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