Diagnosis vs. Mental Motivation


Almost all the web sites, books & articles about joint pain, surgery & replacements for patients focus on Diagnosis & Prognosis. There are many web sites that do a great job of educating patients about their joint issues. These web sites come from doctors & their teams, hospitals, Professional Health Organizations, Medical Equipment Manufacturers, Health Insurance Companies & Senior Living Centers to name a few.

Our Joint Decisions, being patient-driven, strives to focus patients on the Mental Motivation & Personal Strength necessary to make the best "Joint Decisions" & Quick Recovery. Any doctor, nurse, or physical therapist can confirm that mental strength & positive attitude make up about 80% of a patient's success in recovering quickly. If a patient has a poor attitude and no commitment to improve their own life, success diminishes greatly.

This is what differentiates Our Joint Decisions. We want to provide the education & motivation for the patient & their team to insure success. Our focus is to also support the Caregiver, family & friends of patients. Those who are looking for the tools & information to help their patient make the best "Joint Decision."

Finding Education & Motivation

Success with our individual health issues requires more than medicine, treatment, or surgery. Accelerated success requires mental motivation & personal strength. Premier Olympic & professional athletes with serious injuries triumph with the help of professional sports psychologists. But, where does the average person find this education, motivation & support? This is exactly why Our Joint Decisions was created.

Patient's Perspective

Patient's Perspective provides valuable insight, education & motivation for the patient looking for answers from someone who has gone through it all. They want answers from an individual who has successfully tackled the same fears & apprehensions. An advocate an turn their fear & pain into positive solutions.

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