Pain-Free Mobility


Pain-free Mobility simply is being able to have full mobility of our body without pain. It's easy to see those in pain, usually limping or showing signs of distress. Fear is one of the biggest deterrents that keeps people from seeing their doctor to find a solution.

A patient's joint pain effects everyone in their life. As a patient, Bob Faught has seen this first-hand. People become afraid to come around you when you are limping or showing signs of pain. When you can see people feeling sorry for you, it leaves a lasting memory.

This is why Our Joint Decisions provides the education & motivation for patients to seek the necessary medical support to achieve Pain-free Mobility & a Higher Quality of Life.

Fear vs. Pain

Quality of Life many times ends up as Fear vs Pain. When our fear overrides our pain, we usually procrastinate in finding a solution. Finally, when pain overtakes fear, we react. Pain should be the signal to take action & accountability so we can restore our Quality of Life.  

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