What Are Senior Centers?


Our Joint Decisions sees the following as Senior Centers:

  • Public Senior Support Centers
  • Private Senior Support Centers
  • Independent Living Centers
  • Assisted Living Centers
  • Nursing Home Centers
  • Dementia Home Centers

These senior support & living centers cater directly to the core age groups that are most likely to experience joint pain, surgeries & replacements. This is why Our Joint Decisions feels it is important to work closely with them.

Our Joint Decisions has held motivational speaking seminars with senior support & living centers. The input & feedback from these groups have helped provide a more sound & sensitive foundation on senior patient's needs. The response to our psychological & inspirational motivation has proven successful with those seniors who are experiencing joint pain & lack of mobility.

Bob & Leah's Experience

Bob & Leah Faught, Our Joint Decisions' Co-founders, have great experience with senior living centers. Growing up, each experienced the nursing home environment with their grandparents. From 2002~2004, they supported Leah's mother & father through their tenure in nursing homes before they passed away. Today, Bob's father is in a nursing home with dementia support.

Although we all say that we don't ever want to live in a nursing home, today's world makes it very difficult for caregivers to take care of aging patients that need 24/7 care.

Our Joint Decisions has found that using MIND OVER BODY is not possible when patients have dementia. Their mind has no capability to control & direct them. Yes, helping family & friends in senior living centers can be a great challenge. It can be very rewarding to share those special moments with loved ones who simply want the simplest thing in life: a friend to talk with.

Key to National Joint Support Groups

Our Joint Decisions' Role with Senior Centers

Senior Centers are key to Our Joint Decisions' establishing National Joint Support Groups. What better place to find advocates with the same passion to carry the principles of Our Joint Decisions forward in their community.

Senior support centers in every community make every effort to provide a myriad of resources & services for seniors. Our Joint Decisions' goal is to provide our tools, resources & support. We invite all Senior Support Centers to partner with Our Joint Decisions.

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