Joint Pain, Surgeries & Replacements


Musculoskeletal issues, our bones & joints, can define our mobility & quality of life. Joint pain can cause great pain, limping, misalignment & create a poor mood & negative attitude. There seem to be three ways we address joint pain:

Address it immediately

Ignore it

Somewhere in between

Our Joint Decisions' goal is to support, educate & motivate everyone, especially those who ignore it and somewhere in between. With orthopedic technologies improving daily, new solutions to address joint pain & injury continue to be introduced. Our Alliance Partners provide insights & details that we share through links to their web sites.

Patient's Insights

Being patient-driven, we will be giving the patient & their team unique views, insights & solutions to joint pain, surgeries & replacements. For example, tips on how to eliminate scars after surgery, etc. This insight is located throughout our website.

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