Caregiver's Goals


Help patient achieve pain-free mobility & higher quality of life

Patient's Team Members

  • Are you committed to supporting patient?
  • Is fear keeping patient from seeking medical support?
  • Is patient's condition effecting your & everyone's lives?
  • Are you searching for education, motivation & support?
  • Trying to influence patient to make best "Joint Decision?
  • Seeking motivation & inspiration to best support patient?

"Life" Support

As the picture above left shows, the caregiver's role is much like a lifebuoy of support for the patient. It also depicts that the role of caregivers can be quite lonesome. It requires a great deal of inner strength & patience. The most important element for caregivers is to keep themselves healthy & fit to benefit & support the patient.

Caregiver's Goals

Use Our Joint Decisions' psychological & inspirational motivation, education & resources for giving patient hope & healing


Caregiver's Challenges

Safety is a key concern for caregivers when the patient returns home from outpatient surgery or return from the hospital. Home must have easy access, all on one floor, with major living areas clearly open & safe for the patient. Insure that safety is the number one priority well before the patient comes home.

  • Caregiver's role is most challenging to support patient
  • Patient's Success is Patient's Responsibility!
  • CORE ROADS TO LIFE are principles for success for both patient & caregiver
  • Joint pain effects everyone in patient's life
  • Caregiver catalyst to replace fear with knowledge & hope
  • Research & motivation insure best "Joint Decisions"
  • Caregiver motivates patient to follow-through on all rehabilitation programs


As with any team, the caregiver needs to insure there is a back-up team in case they are not available. The extent of back-up depends on each patient's circumstance & should be managed accordingly.

Caregiver's Summary

  • Caregiver's support vital to patient's success
  • Caregiver must be informed & motivated; alsoserve as coach & catalyst
  • The GOAL: Help patient achieve higher quality of life
  • The VEHICLE: Our Joint Decisions, Inc. NFP
  • Differentiator is motivated caregiver with
  • positive attitude & patience
  • Caregiver's Passion inspires patient's hope &
  • healing

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