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Our Joint Decisions' mission is patients educating patients. Sometimes, other patients can be more harmful than helpful. Below are four statements that require answers in "fact or fiction" to help better illustrate:

Statement:  Every patient who has experienced joint surgery can help you.


Patients who experience joint surgery with the wrong attitude & commitment can be more harmful than helpful. You could be swayed to make the wrong decision.

Statement: Best education comes from past patients who demonstrate a positive attitude & pain-free mobility.

Answer: FACT

Always seek out those experienced patients that took control of their lives & used their positive attitude to achieve pain-free mobility. They are the best resource.

Statement: Patients with lingering joint pain well after surgery had a bad experience with their doctor, hospital, or rehabilitation.


In most cases, patients who did not follow-through diligently with their rehabilitation & continued exercise programs experience short & long-term issues.

Statement: Many new patients avoid joint surgery due to incorrect or outdated feedback from past patients.

Answer: FACT

A new patient needing joint surgery should always do their own research to insure they find the answers to any questions that prevent them from making the best "Joint Decision."

Educational/Motivational DVDs

Due to the sheer number of patients today, doctors & their staffs do not have the time & attention to educate every patient to the level they desire. The educational & motivational DVDs that Our Joint Decisions will eventually provide cover a broad spectrum. They begin with managing joint pain early with your family doctor to avoid a Patient's procrastination resulting in future surgery. For orthopedic surgeons, they cover everything from arthroscopy surgery to total joint replacements. Most importantly, the education, advice & motivation is begin given from one patient to another.

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