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Our Joint Decisions' goal is to educate, motivate & support all patients. Those patients that we feel need the most help are those who procrastinate in the midst of great pain & those who refuse to see a doctor no matter how great the pain. We find that fear is the most prominent reason that patients avoid seeing their doctor. Some patients have "white coat syndrome," or fear of doctors. Our Joint Decisions wants to provide the knowledge, education & motivation to realize why they need to see their doctor when their body is screaming for help inside. Addressing the issue early with your Medical Team avoids minor pains developing into major surgery.

Second Opinions

Medical Support for Patients' Pain

Second opinions simply mean getting a second opinion from another doctor. The most important thing is that the patient must be comfortable with the final diagnosis, especially if it involves major surgery. Some patients feel uncomfortable getting a second opinion because of loyalty. In the end, the patient must have total confidence in their doctor & the final diagnosis to achieve pain-free mobility.

Patients should see their family doctor at the first sign of joint pain. Your family doctor will provide solutions. If it is something that is more serious, they will recommend you to an orthopedic surgeon who can determine an accurate diagnosis. This may involve an MRI to get a better picture of the possible issue besides standard x-rays. Their first goal is to resolve the issue without surgery. The last resort, depending on the severity, will be surgery. This can range from arthroscopy all the way to total joint replacement.

It's in the patient's best interest to see their family doctor at the first sign of unusual joint pain to resolve the issue in its early stages. This is simply called preventive medicine that helps prevent procrastination that can possibly lead to major surgery.

Fear of Hospitals

Medical Teams/Patients

There are patients who simply fear hospitals. This may come from past stories from other patients, family history, etc. The Medical Teams in hospitals are trained to take the greatest care with the most sensitivity to every patient's needs.

Medical Teams are a patient's greatest partner for improving their quality of life. We must have great respect for their professionalism & expertise. As patients, we must also take an active role in our own life. This is why it is vital for a patient & their support team to make the best "Joint Decisions" with their doctor & support staffs.

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