Why Patient Makes Commitment?


Why would a patient commit their life to educating and motivating other patients and those involved in joint pain, surgeries, and replacements? PASSION! Passion to insure other patients don't suffer needlessly by fear causing them to avoid the necessary treatments for pain-free mobility and a higher quality of life. Passion to help the patient's team with the knowledge, tools, and resources to support their patient making the best "Joint Decision." Passion to communicate the patient's perspective to all those involved in joint pain, surgeries, and joint replacements, from doctors, medical teams, hospitals, and the many other Alliance Partners.

The hope is that this PASSION is contagious. Other patients will take up the CORE ROADS TO LIFE to use psychological and inspirational motivation through MIND OVER BODY to achieve pain-free mobility.

Bob Faught has discussed joint issues with many orthopedic surgeons around the world. Those that have gotten to know him say that he is a one-of-a-kind patient. Most patients simply want to get their procedures done and move on with their life. Bob has chosen to make supporting those in joint pain, surgeries, and replacements a commitment for the rest of his life.

Bob's Thanks to Doctors (Cont.)

Dr. Daniel Eby, Jasper, Indiana

1999~2005 - Two Right Knee Arthroscopy; Total Right Knee Replacement; Two Left Knee Arthroscopy; Total Left Knee Replacement

Bob thought that he would need to go to Louisville, Indianapolis, or St. Louis for the same level of talented doctors he had in Dr. Behling and Dr. Bunce. Luckily, he found Dr. Eby through an accident his wife had while they lived in Jasper. Dr. Eby, with his fantastic bedside manner, encouraged Bob's PASSION and Commitment to achieve pain-free mobility and a higher quality of life. Bob recovered quickly from all surgeries, and his right total knee replacement in 2000 helped him understand the need to create Our Joint Decisions. Dr. Eby is now a Board Member of Our Joint Decisions, Inc. NFP.

Dr. Peter Bonutti, Effingham, Illinois

2006 - Minimally Invasive Right Total Hip Replacement

Again, after moving to Effingham with Leah, Bob was lucky to find Dr. Bonutti for his total hip replacement. He had the surgery on a Friday morning, and was back to work the following Monday afternoon without pain or support, a total of 1-1/2 days off work.

Patient Experience

Bob's Special Thanks to His Doctors

Bob Faught first envisioned an Our Joint Decisions during his hospital recovery from his first total knee replacement from Dr. Eby in Jasper, Indiana. In the hospital, he saw first-hand how many patients had no positive attitude, commitment, or ownership for their life & success.

Even though Bob continued to research extensively, he felt he needed more experience. After his second total knee replacement in 2003, he felt more comfortable & again saw the patient's need in the hospital.

Bob still felt he needed more experience with hips. In 2006 he had a total right hip replacement. After this Bob felt he now had enough experience & research to work with Leah to start the framework for Our Joint Decisions, Inc. NFP.

Bob Faught has been blessed to have special orthopedic surgeons in his life that have made a great impact on his becoming a Patient's Advocate. He wants to personally thank those doctors who have performed the operations and supported his in-depth research and quick recoveries. Following are the doctors, from first surgeries to latest:

Dr Fred Behlin, Palo Alto, California

Team Doctor for San Francisco 49rs, San Francisco Giants & Stanford University

1981 - Knee Arthroscopy

Bob's first injury was a torn right knee ACL and LCL. With over one year of rehabilitation, Bob was able to run and play basketball again.

Dr. Don Bunce, Palo Alto, California

Team Doctor for Stanford University

Early 1990s - Right Knee Arthroscopy; Right Shoulder

Dr. Bunce took over Dr. Behling's practice. Was quarterback for Stanford in earlier Rose Bowl win. Gave Bob great support and insight on maintaining strength.

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