Story #1: Post Surgery


After my first total knee replacement in 2000, I was able to stay 10 days in the hospital, the last six days dedicated to rehabilitation. I wanted to walk out of the hospital completely on my own power. Every day I walked the hospital halls to improve my strength & stride. I noticed two ladies who never left their room except for their scheduled rehab. Finally, I walked into their room & they asked why I was always walking up & down the halls.

I told them that I made a commitment to myself to take advantage of every minute in the hospital & I was taking ownership for my own success. I told them that rehab is vital to their success. The biggest obstacle they have are themselves & it appears they needed a positive attitude. They were waiting for someone else to make them better.

I related they alone are the only ones that can strengthen & improve their joint replacement. If they were waiting for the medical staff, family, or friends to make them better, it was not going to happen. They needed to make a commitment to themselves to improve their own lives.

Since they had grand-children visiting them often, I asked if this is the example they wanted to set for them? What advice would you be giving them if they were in here? That afternoon, both ladies began walking the halls with their walkers. As I walked by them one said "Thank you for waking us up."

The nurses asked what I told them to get them so motivated. I told them life is too short & fragile, don't let it get away from you. This experience helped me envision why their needed to be an Our Joint Decisions.

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