Story #3: No Surgery


Many have asked how far I would go to help another patient. in 2005, a friend told me that her mother-in-law needed total knee replacement but was not going through with it. She was limping, always in pain & disrupting the lives of those around her. I decided to drive the 8 hours to their home to share the insights on the CORE ROADS TO LIFE & psychological & inspirational motivation.

When I arrived, I could see the fear & pain on her mother-in-law's face. We began discussing the CORE ROADS TO LIFE & my experiences as a patient with eight knee surgeries, including two total knee replacements. I identified how each one of these principles helped me recover quickly to pain-free mobility & higher quality of life.

This is your life, I explained, & only you have the power to make it better through MIND OVER BODY. I told her that no matter what decision she made, be sure it is one that you are committed to living with for yourself.

She confirmed she was going to have her total knee replacement so she could turn despair into hope & healing. On my trip back, I reflected on the impact & power the CORE ROADS TO LIFE can have on everyone's life, even those who don't want to make the best "Joint Decision." I made a commitment to myself that Our Joint Decisions would become a reality. Now it has.

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