Story #2: Pre-Surgery


Fate brought Leah & I together with another orthopedic patient six months after my first total knee replacement. This time, we saw fear before surgery. In a restaurant, Leah & I ran into a couple that we had not seen in 20 years. His wife had angst & fear all over her face. She said she was going to have a total knee replacement the next morning.

We sat down & she & I discussed how to remove her fear with a positive attitude. She needed to be committed to this & take ownership for her success. Since there was no time for research, I explained the procedures so she would understand the expectations. I told her how important rehabilitation is to her success & potential obstacles. With the right attitude, decisions & support, she would make a successful recovery to pain-free mobility & a higher quality of life. Leah also shared the importance of being a great caregiver. When they left, her fear had diminished.

Six months later I ran into the same couple in the same restaurant. She came up, gave me a big hug & said it turned out exactly as I told her. She had no fear, had a positive attitude, knew what to expect, worked strong on her rehabilitation & had been pain-free & mobile the past five months. She said the first one worked so well that she was going to have her other knee totally replaced within two months. She said had they not run into us at the restaurant, she would never have been able to achieve this level of success. I said that we were happy for her, now she needed to go out & help others who had the same fear she experienced.

I saw first-hand the success & joy that the CORE ROADS TO LIFE can bring to another patient.

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