Bob & Leah's Mission


Over the past 30 years, Bob Faught has worked with many patients who needed the education & motivation to make the best "Joint Decisions" for themselves & everyone around them. As an experienced patient with both passion & compassion, it has been Bob's mission & goal to share the patient's perspective as a Patient Advocate. This is why Bob & Leah founded Our Joint Decisions, Inc. NFP.

These three personal stories Bob has shared are a few of many that he has experienced with the many patients he has personally helped to achieve pain-free mobility & a higher quality of life. Our Joint Decisions now gives Bob & Leah the ability to provide this education & psychological & inspirational motivation to all patients. It's a mission of providing hope & healing to those many patients who have fear keeping them from making the best "Joint Decision" for themselves & everyone around them.

Bob's Biggest Challenges

Bob's biggest challenges in helping other patients turned out to be both of his parents. Ironically, Bob had both knees totally replaced before his father & mother had theirs.

In 2004, Bob & Leah helped his father through his total knee replacement. What Bob saw was the result when a patient does not follow through on their rehabilitation. Bob thought his father would follow-through. His father never fully recovered to full mobility & is now in a nursing home where he cannot walk at all.

As mentioned in this web site earlier, Bob's mother had her total right knee replacement in September 2010. This time Bob & Leah focused his mother on the importance of rehabilitation. She was walking without support six days after her surgery, and was fully mobile & driving in less than three weeks.

Yes, it is unique for a child to provide first-hand support for joint replacement. It was a great challenge with both parents, and two completely diverse results based on commitment, attitude & follow-through. It simply validated Our Joint Decisions, Inc NFP, the CORE ROADS TO LIFE & the importance of psychological & inspirational motivation.

Bob's Personal Stories

From the many patients that Bob and Leah have directly helped in their journeys through joint pain, surgeries, and replacements, Bob has garnered many persoanl stories. They include fate, passion, and show extensive dedication.

Bob would like to share a few of these stories that have made an impact on him and Leah over the years. We welcome you to take a look at these stories and get a glimpse of the satisfaction and joy Bob has been able to encounter through their Patient Advocacy.

Patient Advocacy

Bob and Leah's Patient Advocacy covers a wide sprectrum of support. It includes directly with patients, doctors, medical clinics, hospitals, rehabiliation centers, senior living centers, and much more.

For example, Bob and Leah work as consultants with medical clinics to help them define the best "patient flow" from the patient's first step into the clinic until they leave. Their patient's insights have created unique and positive actions by medical clinics to improve their service at all levels, and insure they do everything possible to never lose a patient.

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